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National Examiner IN Damage CONTrOL OVER “THE HOROKANE” by Sherri Kane and Dr. Leonard Horowitz

Tabloid Publishes Classic COINTELPRO (Counter-Intelligence Program) ‘MIX-IT-ALL-UP’ PSYOPS to Rescue ALEX JONES’s and “DR ‘TRUE’ OTT’s” Credibility.

Honolulu, HI--The National Examiner heralds its second center-fold in recent weeks marketing conspiracy theories and theorists getting hammered by “The HOROKANE”-- two journalists so-named for generating a storm of controversy by exposing double-agents infiltrating the media and directing political movements and the conspiracy world à la Wall Street.

The May 28, 2012, National Examiner heralded “White House Murder Scandal!”--”Coroner POISONED after autopsy of reporter probing Obama.”

Transforming America’s leading “Info-warrior” defending the “Prison Planet” “ into a credible “conservative commentator,” Alex Jones is credited for much of the story.

“Jones is convinced [Andrew] Breitbart was murdered and the coroner rushed through and whitewashed Breitbart’s autopsy,” the tabloid gushed. There were “secret tapes that could destroy the President!”

But if that were true, we all need to ask ourselves why every news source in the world and the justice department failed to thoroughly investigate it? 


 “If you proved vaccines were bad, a zillion-dollars would be spent to prove you wrong. If that didn’t work, more would be spent to discredit you, bury your intelligence beneath hundreds of pages of GOOGLE search results; and then there is always “COINTELPRO”--a top secret commercial enterprise that generates “Controlled Opposition” to whatever Madison Avenue wants you to believe.”  


Damage Control

“The answer is ‘Damage Control,’” says Harvard-trained Dr. Leonard Horowitz, author of 17 books covering the most controversial conspiracies in the pharmaceutical industry. Horowitz has been at the forefront of proving vaccinations more harmful than good, and has watched Hollywood spin his works in movies like I Am Legend with Will Smith, the film INCEPTION by Christoper Nolan, The Patriot by Steven Segal, and The X-File Movie  wherein the heroes risk death to save the world from an alien invasion using a vaccine.

To silence Horowitz, a number of threats have come besides a 1999 segment of The Outer Limits showing a doctor administering vaccinations, then suddenly abruptly displaying The Tribune headline: “HOROWITZ EXECUTED.“

Horowitz, and his co-investigator Sherri Kane, are considered the world’s most endangered journalists for their works exposing the “psyops” at the heart of the media’s commercial interests. They seek what most others fear--hard evidence of the “hypnotic trance state” in which most people live, courtesy of the mass media, multi-national corporate greed, and special corrupt interests from Wall Street, influencing Washington. 

Now, this week’s National Examiner headline exclaims: “Ted Kennedy uncovered JFK Jr. MURDER PLOT!--Why He Took Secret to His Grave.” 

The story sourced from an “anonymous” tipster, and a claimed “Utah businessman” named “True Ott.”

Curiously, both Alex Jones and “True Ott” are being sued by The HOROKANE for libel and deceptive trade. The Complaint charges the two men with complicity in organized crime involving media giant GOOGLE/YouTube and The Planet, the world’s largest ISP.

Jones and Ott, court records prove, generated propaganda shown on YouTube and GOOGLE blogger to defame “The HOROKANE,” so-named by OTT in a smear campaign administered by the “business man” covertly operating with a minion of shady Internet “trolls”--professional “cyber-stalkers” who somehow make a living discrediting leading activists and whistleblowers.

According to The HOROKANE’s Complaint, filed pro se in Honolulu in the First Circuit Court, what drives the “cyberbullies” is Wall Street’s and Washington’s reliance on propaganda. BigPharma’s agenda, for instance, is BigMoney, and ways to protect it!

If you proved vaccines were bad, a zillion-dollars would be spent to prove you wrong. If that didn’t work, more would be spent to discredit you, bury your intelligence beneath hundreds of pages of GOOGLE search  results; and if that didn’t work (because of your large following) there is always “COINTELPRO”--a top secret commercial enterprise that generates “Controlled Opposition” to whatever Madison Avenue wants you to believe. 

COINTELPRO and Damage Control

COINTELPRO stands for the FBI’s Counter-Intelligence Program that today, according to public knowledge, is directed by the CIA and National Security Agency (NSA). Why would these Federal agencies wish to “counter your intelligence” if they were as “true blue” as the media generally persuades?

More to the point, how does this mob go about countering your intelligence? 
In this case, a minion of “government stooges” are called in to act as “experts” in the same field. They are assigned to generate each others celebrity and controversy, and they leave themselves open to being easily discredited. Discrediting themselves in a number of ways, and each other by false accusations (i.e., defamations), their serious subject degrades and turns into a generally-dismissed “conspiracy theory.”

This outcome is called “Controlled Opposition”--Madison Avenue’s solution to BigPharma’s whistleblowers, or any other threatened cartel aggravated by activists.

The psychological operation (called a “PSYOPS”) features discrediting the real heroes (called “dissidents), creating biased fabrications, and squelching legitimate debate. And the way to “spot it,” witnesses say, is to carefully consider the facts, material evidence, and judge who is telling the truth in the Court of Public Opinion.

Controlling Oppostion Using Tabloids

The COINTELPRO’s ‘Controlled Opposition’ PSYOPS is administered by double-agents working secretly for the FBI, CIA and NSA. In this case, their Infiltrators into the “conspiracy industry” are paid to generate controversy as a way to distract and deceive truth-seekers, and provide “cover” for the criminal operations of the cartels. This is quintessential “white-collar crime.” It is the stuff screenplays are based on (for added distraction, conspiratorial illusion, and profitable entertainment). Legally, this is “racketeering activity” and “conspiracy in organized crime.”

Most importantly, commercial survival is based on this operation securing the “National Security” status-quo on Wall Street, the banking and energy cartels, the drug trade, the military and communications industries, human sex slavery, pedophilia and pornography networks.

Propaganda wars are used to sell everything from deadly vaccinations to World War III, and The HOROKANE have suffered first-hand how the media deals in damage control by deceptions, defamations and broadcast libel.

Back to this week’s National Examiner and the Kennedy assassination conspiracy crediting Utah “businessman,” “True Ott.”

“True NOtt” & “INFO-Warrior Jones” 
informants for the
National Examiner

Consistent with the COINTELPRO generating easily discredited celebrity, controversy, and conspiracy theories, “getting your story told by any of American Media’s tabloids is the ‘kiss of death’ for your credibility and work,” Dr. Horowitz says.

“I recall the instant demise of a story reported to the tabloids by my esteemed colleague, Dr. Garth Nicholson, who’s lab was destroyed at the University of Texas while incubating germs called mycoplasma found in anthrax vaccines--biological weapons scientifically linked to immune suppression, chronic fatigue, and “Gulf War Syndrome.” The “kiss of death” terminated scientific, and even news media interest in Garth’s important work,” Horowitz explained.

Now he sees the National Examiner is helping to rebuild the reputations of Jones and Ott damaged by their associations with sexist white-supremacist and religious hate mongers exposed by Kane and company, that includes dozens of fellow victims of Jones and Ott stepping out to tell their troubles.


Propaganda wars are used to sell everything from deadly vaccinations to World War III, and The HOROKANE have suffered first-hand how the media deals in damage control by deceptions, defamations and broadcast libel.

Horowitz’s troubles with Ott began in 2007, when “Dr. True Ott” (as he also calls himself) gathered a gang of white-supremacist cyber-stalkers to smear Horowitz’s pristine celebrity. They affixed Horowitz’s name on a list of Maltese knights, they considered enemies of American patriots, right-wing Christians, and war protestors. Despite Horowitz’s stolen identity sticking out like a sore thumb next to FBI boss and COINTELPRO founder, J. Edgar Hoover, the “Knights of Malta List” forgery had a devastating impact on HOROWITZ’s popularity.

In 2009, Kane came to the rescue exposing Ott as the main culprit behind the fraud. The National Examiner informant served as a propaganda ring-leader linked to FBI cover-ups in a child sex-trafficking enterprise in which FBI Division-5, Director, Ted Gunderson, and a minion of men promoting anti-Semitism, “Christian Identity,” and white-supremacy, were implicated.
Kane was immediately cyber-stalked and harassed by this same group of men ever since; yet, inconceivable to the masses, and inexplicable without understanding COINTELPRO, The HOROKANE have been discourteously rebuked by a half dozen FBI offices in five states while seeking the Justice Department’s investigation and protection.

“The FBI is implicated up to their eyeballs,” Kane claims. “We have yet to find an agent with enough guts to demand an internal investigation. In fact, many FBI agents we’ve contacted were well aware of COINTELPRO operations, but refused to help. The Congressional record of 1976 however, claims a minority of agents are unaware of COINTELPRO’s existence, despite the fact it became public knowledge following Congressional investigations into the CIA and FBI’s domestic spying operation.” (CLICK HERE to read the official report.)

Gunderson, who died (supposedly) in 2011, passed his FBI-protected “White-Hate” gang over to True Ott, who is being sued for a slew of Internet crimes and torts, including playing a key role in the destruction of  Horowitz’s family and businesses.

And that’s not even his true name! The alias--“‘True’ Ott”--is a PSYOPS, subliminally persuading acquaintances what he says is "true."

His real name, according to legal records, is Alma C. Ott. 
Moreover, Ott fraudulently claims to hold a PhD and ND double-doctorate. But when the double-agent was investigated by Kane and Horowitz, they found both degrees to be fraudulent, and heralded their findings on a website they created to expose the details of Ott’s complicity in a commercial conspiracy to benefit his own company--Mother Earth Minerals Co.

I question the legitimacy of Ott’s company, says Kane. “I have received several antagonistic, personal emails from Ott, where he flaunts his racism. Why would anyone with a legitmate online business send emails like that, exposing themselves to a journalist?”

Meanwhile, the star of Genesis Communications Network’s nationally syndicated

“”--Alex Jones--neglected notices to remove from his website filthy libel posted by Ott’s accomplice in Internet crime, Alex McGowan Studer (alias, “Russell Kyle” according to legal records), used to defame The HOROKANE. 
Studer/Kyle, by Ott’s order, produced a “blackmail video” initially stolen from Kane, then used to extort Horowitz in a tactical attempt to get him to distance himself from Kane, and turn-over his businesses to Horowitz’s ex-wife under Ott’s influence. Ott had Studer/Kyle edit the video and include their usual anti-semitic labels for Jewish people in it, such as “edomite‘ and “khazar, ” and even much worse derogatory, sexist libel about Kane.

Since that happened, The HOROKANE became especially suspicious of Jones, and began vetting him and Ott as complicit parties in organized Internet crime as detailed in their legal complaint.

That’s why the two National Examiner articles endorsing the conspiracy theories of Jones and Ott captured The HOROKANE’s attention, prompting this news article.

The “Gemstone Files” Reported

The National Examiner’s claim of Ott being a “businessman,”  is accurate. Ott has been in the business of controlling populations, according to the organization he help to found--the Citizens for Responsible and Sustainable Agriculture (C.R.S.A.). The group was a front for prominent wealthy financiers engaged in controlling resources and human populations, including the Rockefeller Family Fund, W.K. Kellogg Foundation, and Turner Foundation.

But Ott’s interview in the National Examiner was less lofty, dealing with the murder of John F. Kennedy, Jr., allegedly linked to Ott’s possession of a so-called “Gemstone file #5,” which Ott claimed proved the senior Kennedy was assassinated, and that John Jr.’s death in a plane crash was, likewise, murder.

When asked to proof of these files, Ott claims that he had the only copy of this file (#5), that he allegedly received from an elderly client who recommended they be discarded. Instead, Ott claims he opened it. He then expressed his usual anti-Semitism, “these were not all Jewish organized crime bosses,“ he wrote.
“The scam is timely and promotes Ott just as he needs it the most--in the wake of our Hawaii litigation,” explains Kane.

“The increased search hits also promotes Ott’s neo-Nazi, anti-government, anti-Zionist rhetoric,” Horowitz adds.

And there are many more problems with Ott’s story and credibility than appealing to neo-Nazis:
If the documents were so compelling, a reasonably intelligent “businessman” would have made copies of the file before passing it to Kennedy. Especially because assassinations had already plagued the Kennedy family, and a back-up would have been crucial for law enforcement and insuring that the evidence would be made public.

Then there is the problem that Ott cannot prove he had any such document. Where, for instance, are the other files, numbers 1-4, as Ott claims he held “#5”? No one has seen or written about the other “Gemstone Files."



The timing of the National Examiner article is also indicting.

“Ott’s story has been circulating for years,” Horowitz recalls. “So it’s highly suspicious that American Media would chose to report it just as Ott’s criminal involvements are coming to light.”

“Another issue is, Ott has been exposed as a plagiarist,” says Sherri Kane based on documents from two anonymous sources. “Ott has been known to ‘copy and paste’ the works of others, and switch out legitimate author’s names with his own. Then, when caught, he has a hard time telling the truth.”
Kane also recalls Ott attacking Horowitz in 2007. He claimed in several internet postings that his Utah lab was busted by the FEDS, allegedly after Horowitz visited him, which was not true, since Horowitz never made the visit.

“Ott also promoted and helped circulate the forged Knights of Malta list,” Kane continued.  “Can you imagine Horowitz’s name right next to J. Edgar Hoover’s?Are you kidding me?"
 Ironically, evidence indicates Ott is working for the same COINTELPRO organization that J. Edgar Hoover began, for the purpose of  damaging or assassinating whistleblowers and activists.

For instance, besides defaming Horowitz, Ott spread similar lies about European journalist, Jane Burgermeister, when she began to report similar views as Horowitz’s regarding poisonous H1N1 vaccines tainted with the deadliest strain of bird flu.

“By so doing,” Kane explains,” Ott covered for the manufacturer, Baxter Corp.--a company Horowitz warned the FBI about , that was suspected in the anthrax mailings--infamous for spreading the AIDS-virus through contaminated blood products. So Ott smeared Burgermeister and Horowitz’s efforts to secure “public safety” and “obtain justice.” 

Then there is Ott’s close collaboration with the late Ted Gunderson--the confessed FBI COINTELPRO West Coast “Division 5” Chief--a vetted CIA arms-dealer in charge of Hoover’s propaganda ring; and a close friend to Anthony Hilder who has claimed he and Gunderson spawned the “conspiracy theory industry.”

Gunderson fronted as an “activist,” feigning heroism against child sex-traffickers. It is widely known through Internet blogs that Hilder, Ott and cronies that control “” and “” protected Gunderson for months while Kane was investigating her findings.  Their gang of troublemakers still heavily defend Gunderson’s marriage to Church of Satan heiress, Diana Rively, partnered through infamous ex-husband, Anton LaVey, with America’s top military PSYOPS specialist, Col. Michael Aquino of the NSA. Gunderson was reportedly “retired” from the FBI for conducting Satanic rituals. Aquino, meanwhile, has inexplicably escaped repeated indictments for alleged pedophilia, and appeared with Gunderson playing “good-cop/bad-cop” on an episode of Geraldo.

Giving Ott the benefit of little remaining doubt about his character, associations, and covert actions revealed,  and assuming the Kennedys were assassinated as most people believe, this National Examiner spread is treasonous.

Giving the grossly unreliable, highly discredited, falsely-named “True Ott” any recognition in any “conspiracy theory,” is like the tabloids curse-- “the kiss of death” to the story.
And that faire, ladies and gentlemen, identifies COINTELPRO--counter-intelligent and deceptively deadly.

Who Owns The National Examiner?

Every government has a “spin doctor” and  propaganda mill. Nazi Germany had Josef Goebbels and the “Gestapo,” financed by the Rockefeller-IG Farben cartel--virtually the same Rockefeller enterpirse group that funded Ott’s C.R.S.A. “business,” and the same Rockefeller clan that chaired the Frank Church Congressional investigation into violations of Americans’ civil rights by the FBI’s COINTELPRO. 

Reasonable questions, therefore, include:  “How did the National Examiner get to be an instrument of the COINTELPRO? And what are the Rockefeller, BigPharma, and/or banking cartel ties to the tabloid?”

These links are, in fact, public knowledge and readily available from reputable Internet publications.
The National Examiner  tabloid is owned, as mentioned by American Media Co
Controlling interest in American Media is held by Roger Altman, founder and chairman of Evercore Partners--a leading independent investment banking advisory firm in New York City (NYSEEVR). Altman bought the controlling stake in American Media in 1999. Before then, Altman served as the Assistant Secretary of the United States Department of the Treasury, 1977-1981; Vice-Chairman, and head of mergers and acquisitions for the newly-formed Blackstone Group in 1987; and the advisor to presidential candidates John Kerry in 2004 and Hilary Clinton in 2008. Blackstone’s private equity business has been one of the largest investors in private equity leveraged buyout transactions globally. Blackstone is a corporate partner in the David Rockefeller created, Royal Family of England chartered “Partnership for New York City (PFNYC),” exposed by The HOROKANE for dirty dealings in the biotechnology industry and the "PharmaMedia."

Horowitz and Kane reported the PFNYC to the FBI in 2009 for complicity in a conspiracy to profit from the “false flag” H1N1 Swine Flu “Pandemic.”

In 1990, American Media purchased the leading American tabloids from Rupert Murdoch including STAR and The National Enquirer. As The HOROKANE reported previously Murdoch Co-Chaired David Rockefeller’s PFNYC during the specious H1N1 pandemic, and was heavily invested in leading H1N1 vaccine makers Merck & Co. and GlaxoSmithKlein(Beecham) H1N1 vaccines.

The modern American Media was formed in 1988 following the death of New York “political powerbroker” and God-son to crime boss Frank Costello, Generoso Pope, Jr.  The company was bought in a closed auction by Macfadden Publishing and Boston Ventures partnership for $412 million.[2]

Pope was trained at MIT and worked for the CIA’s psychological warfare unit, according to public knowledge. 

Pope’s widow, Lois Pope, is a well-known “philanthropist,” specializing in “medical research” “humanitarian relief,” and the performing arts, according to the CIA-edited Wikipedia.

Pope’s organizations have sponsored HealthCorps--a charity targeting obesity, primarily in the African-American community. 

Dr. Oz is revealed in Wikipedia as having conducted a diet study under Pope’s grant. The educational program taught students to avoid soft drinks, which reduced soda sales significantly. The TV celebrity neglected to publish the results of his study, apparently to avoid harming his sponsors in honor of his hypocritical oath to, “Above all, do no harm.”

                                                         - END - 

Note to Journalists:

For review copies of Dr. Horowitz’s books please call Sean McDermott at 1-800-336-9266 and press “1” to leave a message. Dr. Horowitz and Ms. Kane are available for interviews by calling 310-877-3002.

More information about Dr. Horowitz is HERE.

More information about Sherri Kane is HERE.

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 Dr. Horowitz’s quarter-century old publishing company, Tetrahedron, LLC, was illegally dissolved by Jacqueline G. Lindenbach under Ott's influence on Jul 12, 2011. Its books were stolen and are currently being illegally sold through Healthy World Celebrations, LLC, and their new website "". Complaints should be directed to the Attorney General's Office, State of Idaho, Consumer Complaints Division . Damaged publisher's website is
The HOROKANE's previous publications link the PFNYC to the companies sponsoring the 2009-2010 H1N1(threatened H5N1) pandemic flu fright. In addition, there has been near complete censorship of articles exposing the PFNYC on the web citing the "Partners" ties to commercial gains from 911 attacks and WTC reconstruction.

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