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GOOGLE/YouTube Offers Support to White-Hate Groups -- Key Suspects in Racketeering in Internet Crimes

Honolulu, HI-- Two Jewish journalists are suing Internet giant GOOGLE for aiding and abetting a group of white- supremacy cyber-bullies.

Before filing their legal case, the pair had attempted to resolve the matter with GOOGLE for almost a year.

GOOGLE refuses to remove a private video that was stolen by a former land caretaker from one of the journalists, and then used by a group of racist “cause-stalkers” attempting to blackmail and extort the couple for money and publicity.

The neo-Nazi’s, claiming Jews are the “spawn of Satan,” posted the unauthorized video on various blog sites, showing the popular journalists and peace activists having a private disagreement on the telephone over whether to shoot a wild boar that was damaging their land. 

Every ISP alerted to the “blackmail video,” and its racist purpose blocked its play. Only GOOGLE defended its policies that breach State and Federal laws and the journalists’ civil rights.

The blatantly bigoted bloggers, who subscribe to radical “Christian Identity” theology--a KKK-type of ideology--posed as “conspiracy theorists” in order to infiltrate activist communities using terrorizing harassments to control their “targets.” One of the blog-sites sells anti-Israel merchandise including t-shirts and baby bibs with the slogan, “Nuke Israel.”

GOOGLE claims they should not be involved in any legal suit regarding this matter based on a Congressional indemnification, alleged to be 47 U.S.C 230(c).

Actually, this “Good Samaritan Act“ was passed by Congress to protect citizens against this type of harassment. The law encourages and indemnifies ISPs for blocking obscene, obviously defamatory, illegal, or copyright infringing material violating people’s civil rights and civil liberties.


”We are investigators and reporters of evidence proving a commercial conspiracy involving GOOGLE that undermines the foundation of civil rights, the U.S. Constitution, and National Security,”
                                                    Dr. Leonard Horowitz,
                                                    Editor-in-Chief of Medical Veritas Journal


“So GOOGLE’s reasoning for keeping the video up is inadequate,” argues journalist Sherri Kane, one of the plaintiff’s in the case.

Proof of GOOGLE’s associations with white-hate groups is becoming increasingly reported.

One group has posted a petition titled “Google: Don’t Sponsor Bigotry.” The action was taken by Aimee Castenell of the US Human Rights Network. The national organization represents more than 200 self-identified grassroots human rights organizations, and 700+ individuals working to strengthen what they regard as the protection of human rights in the United States. The petition was published on, a website that aims to promote liberal social change by the use of online petitions.’s petition is addressed to GOOGLE CEO’s Larry Page and Eric Schmidt. It was created in reaction to GOOGLE’s support of the 2012 Conservative Political Action Conference which gives a platform to speakers from obviously racist organizations such as VDARE who are known for white-hate and anti-semitism.

Another organization GOOGLE gives a platform to at this event is CPAC, well known for homosexual bigotry.

”We are investigators and reporters of evidence proving a commercial conspiracy involving GOOGLE that undermines the foundation of civil rights, the U.S. Constitution and National Security,” Dr. Leonard Horowitz, Editor-in-Chief of Medical Veritas Journal, said.

“This covert-operation turns emissaries-of-peace into ‘Enemies-of-State’ under the fraud of ‘National Security,’ that is neither ‘national’ or securing.”

The journalists are suing GOOGLE claiming the company’s covert mission serves the Rothschild League’s commercial cartel and Euro-American economic-governors administering the ‘National Security State’ from Berlin, London and New York. 

 “That is the multi-national commercial enterprise operating covertly to gather intelligence, conduct psychological operations (PSYOPS) against unwitting citizens, and controls populations by unfair and deceptive trade,” Ms. Kane explained.

The journalists were reporting on pharmaceutical industry corruption and the entertainment industry propaganda affecting attitudes and markets when they began to both be attacked.


“This covert-operation turns emissaries-of-peace into 
‘Enemies-of-State’ under the fraud of ‘National Security,’ 
that is neither ‘national’ or securing.”

Nearly a dozen attackers harassed and defamed the journalists who investigated why GOOGLE might have aided them in breaking Internet publishing and blocking standards to advance a racist agenda  through unlawful actions.

They learned that Internet abusers today use spam-mail for data-collection, surveillance, and malware distribution besides false advertisements and corporate espionage and sabotage.

Shocking evidence filed in their case links the world of white- collar organized-crime to neo-Nazi “cyber-bullies”--propagandists using GOOGLE and other media to spread terror and racial hate, especially in the Middle East and Afghanistan, to destroy peace most profitably.

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